By J. Steven Young

The Wand Whisperer

Short Story – Magical Realism

What if wands were alive?

For one clumsy and inexperienced mage, his life and everything he knows about wands changes when they begin talking to him. Sparkle is an ancient and powerful wand who has not chosen a bond mate in longer than recorded history. On a dare from another and much younger wand, Sparkle has chosen to bond with Dillard Muckledun. Unexpected and powerful magic is rekindled when the two eventually learn to accept what is happening to them.

There hasn’t been such a pairing of powerful magic in centuries. There are secrets and corrections to history to come.

This is the magical world told from the wand’s point of view.

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This is the first in a planed series for the Wand Whisperer. It introduces the characters and background to begin the adventures of Dillard Muckledun and his bonded wand, Sparkle, an ancient and powerful druid wand of Rowan wood. Pairing on a dare from a younger and arrogant wand, Sparkle sets out to prove that the power of a mage is based on the joined magic and ability of both mage and wand.

It’s a story of experience vs ambition, and how you must not discount someone because they are old or appear weak in the eyes of the young. There is a strong and lengthy history that unfolds surrounding the undocumented ability of Dillard to talk to wands.