Tired of annoying typos in your emails?

Let’s be honest, email really isn’t designed to help you write better, and the integrated error-checking features of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook won’t catch every error.

The following infographic has a solution for you.

With these easy steps, you’ll be composing messages with confidence in no time.

See the infographic here: Grammar Check

by Jennifer Frost

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Trumpery Resistance

Trumpery Resistance

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But MacKenzie is having flashbacks from his youth. The conditioning he has undergone is failing and with it comes a new realization that he is not what he thought he was. Confused by the change in circumstances, he takes on a role that allows him to infiltrate the resistance.

There he uncovers the real reasons behind America’s decline and the formation of the New Republic. But there’s yet more. A secret Caste called the Omega who really controls everything, the truth about the destruction of half the country and a deadly plot that has been set in motion against neighboring nations.

MacKenzie’s quest for the truth and justice is just beginning. But is the way of the resistance any better than what the nation already has?

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