A Contemporary Magical Fantasy Series that Blends Magic with Technology. Freshly Updated and Aligned with the Hollywood Screenplay.

Hashtags are more powerful than you think!

The Hashtag Magic series, chronicles the adventures of Colby Stevens. Magic is waking and Colby is at the center of everything. Troubled by being a “late-bloomer” with magic, Colby needs to catch-up and learn everything fast. To make up for his lack of magical control, Hashtag Magic is created, a mobile app that allows Colby to enter hashtags for his devices to interpret spells and fuel his abilities.

Instead of a magic wand, Colby has a magic app.

What Readers are Saying:

“A thoroughly entertaining contemporary fantasy with a unique story that its compelling through to the last page” – E. A. Gray

“It’s a refreshingly different novel that will introduce you to the life of Colby who many young people will feel they can relate to – maybe except for the fact that he has special abilities.” – Vanessa

“The story finds a fun way to blend magic and technology in a way to bring urban fantasy into the 21st century.” – Stuart C.

“Fourth installment of the Hashtag Magic series, Open Source by J. Steven Young delves deeper into the exciting urban world of fantasy. Here the stakes are greater and the magic gets stronger! With a unique combination of technology and magic, this book is everything thrilling. The characters are crafted with finesse and that makes one relate more to the emotions portrayed, especially that of Colby’s. The lucid language, Young’s fresh narrative and an eccentric adventure drew me in immediately. Vivid descriptions paired with intricate detailing kept me hooked throughout. The plot is fast paced and the story a thoroughly entertaining page turner. It kept my adrenaline rushing. I very much enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to read The next and the final book in the series.” -Abantika Bose

Books in the Hashtag Magic series:

Blue Screen of Death
Control ALT Delete
Web of Trolls
Open Source (Release Feb. 02, 2020)
Selfie Sacrifice (2021)

A Kindle only compilation of books 1-3

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

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