Recognition and intelligent interpretation of hand written input will be one of the very best application your computer can have. For the successful of this software the researchers have actually worked for several years. Since the year 1996, people have actually been working to make a software that can recognize handwritten input. The most difficult task was to convert digital handwritten curves into letters or sensible words. The initially developed technology was for languages like Latin, Extended Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew. Multi-language support was the major hindrance while developing this software. The technology available was implemented in C++ cross-platform core and it can be compiled in Wintel, Windows CE, Symbian and Palm OS. Another interesting outcome of this handwriting recognition software is that it can take input of hand written complex mathematical problems. To enable this function you need software that works with the MathML protocol.

Here the computer attempts to read what the user writes on the computer screen with a stylus or electronic pen and transcribe it into text. Some best software in this category will recognize the cursive writing of users. Could you just imagine the hardship the developers faced to create software to recognize the cursive writing handwriting of different people? It’s difficult for even humans to recognize the cursive writing of different people.

There is offline recognition and online recognition. The words censored by optical scanning or intelligent word recognition is considered as offline recognition. But when the software is sensing the movement of the pen tip then it is called online sensing. In offline recognition the text and the images is converted into letter codes automatically. Offline handwriting recognition is difficult as it is the static mode of representation. For online recognition the user writes the content in a special digitizer or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Here a sensor monitors the movement of the pen tip to recognize the materials written. This is the dynamical way of handwriting recognition.

Handwriting Recognition software