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Gus the Garden Dragon is a rhyming picture book for children that focuses on a beautiful garden tended to be a collection of fairies and gnomes. The story follows a fairy named Opal who fails at performing her duty of providing seeds to a young gnome named Felix who is meant to plant the seeds into the garden to foster the growth of more beautiful plants and flowers. Without seeds, Felix decides to take it upon himself to go into the garden to find seeds to plant, convincing Opal to join him since it is her fault they are in this predicament in the first place. It’s not long before the two run into the garden dragon, who is surprised to see them there. Opal quickly flees, leaving Felix to be left in the dragon’s clutches. It turns out that the dragon is actually a rather nice creature who doesn’t care to hurt Felix, so when the fairies and gnomes come to rescue Felix later on, they realize he doesn’t really need rescuing at all.
This book offers important lessons to children, making them realize that assumptions are not always correct, and sometimes even if something or someone appears to be dangerous and scary, it might actually be a kind and gentle creature, just like Gus the Garden Dragon. Friends can come in all different shapes and sizes, and the friendship that develops between Felix and Gus as they work together to plant seeds in the garden is a touching and cute part of the story that children will surely enjoy. The illustrations are vibrant, almost feeling as if they come from stills from a television show, as the characters appear as 3-D like animations. The narrative moves quickly and has a nice rhyming scheme, although it is on the longer side for a picture book, and could maybe have been shortened in parts. Nevertheless, this is a charming tale that children and parents alike will have fun reading.

Great book!! I bought this book in honor of Lillian Angeline Kerrigan-Leyh to whom the book is dedicated. I wasn’t sure what to expect. After reading it I want to order one for everyone I know who has grandchildren! I can’t wait for my granddaughter to read it. It is such a nice story about being nice not judging people by how they look but get to know them first. I would highly recommend it! – Amazon Verified Buyer

Gus the Garden Dragon is alone and feeling sad during the sleepy winter. When a fretful winter sprite named Crystal is found hiding in his cave, Gus helps her with facing her truth. In turn, the newly changed sprite helps Gus find that he is far from alone and forgotten by his friends new and old.

This new tale in the Gus the Garden Dragon family, tells a tale of transformation and understanding. It chronicles the story of a young sprite who wishes to be accepted for what she truly feels. Gus and the Winter Sprite also demonstrates that we are not alone when we have family and friends that love us. Though they may not always be present, they are always there for us when we need them most.



Responsibility, Bravery, Friendship.

A fairy named Opal shirks her responsibilities and is unable to provide garden seeds to a young gnome named Felix on planting day. Felix takes it upon himself to enter the dark garden without permission to retrieve the lost seeds.

Though frightened, Opal feels she must follow Felix into the forbidden place. Plans go awry for the fairy and gnome when they encounter a dragon who lurks in the dark and mysterious overgrowth. Without a thought for Felix, Opal flees, leaving him to an unknown fate.

Many lessons are learned when the fairies and gnomes confront Gus the dragon in an assumed rescue of Felix. What they learn about misconceptions and rumors is just one thing the reader will take away from this light and heartening story.


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