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Trumpery Resistance

 Handled since childhood, repressed and embittered, MacKenzie Dillon is the posterchild for America’s New Republic. As a Protectorate soldier, critical thought is neither required nor advisable, and for over a century he’s served the state, helping to silence dissent. Performing his duties without question or concern, he’s been the perfect pawn in every way…until now.

Blue Screen of Death

Colby had magic, lost his magic, and regained his magic without knowing how to use it. But for a teenager in modern times, shortcuts are a way of life, and magic is difficult. As the story unfolds, Colby has taken a quick path to mastering his shortcomings with magic by combining it with his technological smarts.


Gus and Friends return for an all new adventure and learn new valuable lessons.

While Gus the Garden Dragon is busy cleaning his cave with help from Opal and Felix, Crystal the Phoenix stops by to ask an important favor. Crystal needs egg sitters to keep a watchful-eye on her soon to be hatchling.


When youngsters first begin learning to read and write words, they first comprehend simple words such as it, play, and up. Children learn sight words that they simply need to know just by looking at them. Toddlers also absorb words that must to be sounded out. As children get older, the words grow with them.

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