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The World of Ersetu is falling apart due to an imbalance in the magic called Essence. Three children are born to bring about a balance of the Essence and return the world to peace by destroying the influences of Chaos, but Chaos is not so easily destroyed.

A world of elemental magic and sorcery sees the return of the seven races of man, to the service of the boy child, Shuran. He must bring the world of magic and man together to defeat the darkness that has taken his twin sister.

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The balance between good and evil is a perilous thing. This is especially true for the world of Ersetu. Chaos has begun to manifest upon the lands threatening to tear the world apart again. Three children of seven elemental magic bloodlines are born to be instruments of change in the balance, but their roles are each different in this fantasy quest series.

Follow along on the journeys of Shuran and his friends as they seek a means to triumph against dark forces and rally the world against the Chaos. The first book in the series will see the rebirth of an old force for good while old enemies begin to return. The series blends fantasy and science fiction while adding a twist on the magic of dragons.

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The Zidu'Si is being rebuilt and the Shadow is fighting for dominance

The balance of dark and light is again threatened in Ersetu. The land of Aurderia is at the center of the struggle between the forces aligned with the dark, and the rest of the world. Shuran, a young man grown from elemental magic powers beyond his comprehension, faces his sister who is consumed by darkness. With his growing powers, Shuran travels the realms gathering allies and building his Zidu’Si, a collective of the races of man who serve the Shin’Ar. As the Shin’Ar, Shuran has been thrust into the position as "Watcher of the Lands", an ancient title that goes back to the Telukukal, the first people of Ersetu.

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Shuran’s father is missing and his best friend, Bastien, has been possessed. Shuran fights against the darkness of the Order of Chaos in an effort to find a way to balance the Essence of Ersetu. In Durangug, Shuran and the Zidu’Si gather to gain knowledge and understanding of their part in this prophecy. While the Zidu’Si research to locate the three remaining races of man, Shuran explores a hidden chamber within the Vault. Witches and dark wizards align with chaos and some ancient enemies change sides in a quest for survival.

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The Zidu’Si is nearly complete. After trapping four of the Gizzu’Su in the gugtu prison below what was once the Zig’Mada, Ereshkigal, Queen of the Netherworld, is weakened and seeking her fellow dark Sumerians. While Shuran has brought Bastien back and accepted him to the Zidu’Si, there is yet many questions left unanswered.

How will the Zidu’Si defeat the ancient evil lurking in the Shadow?
Who are the spies among the people of Britengate?
What is the meaning behind the twin stars of the prophecy?
What happens when the Gizzu’Su break free and rejoin the Shadow?

These questions will be answered in this third installment of the fantasy quest series of the Chronicles of Aurderia. The magic of dragons has already changed and the elemental magic forces of Ersetu are awakening. The witches of the swamps have joined with the Shadow and Salmetu is growing in power.
Blending fantasy and science fiction with a twist on Sumerian mythology, this third book will bring a fresh dive into the tropes and cliches of the classic fantasy novel.