It doesn’t matter if you are a corporation selling shoes or a prospective sci-fi writer, social media presents you with a way to generate a following.

To get people interested in what you have to say or show, you have to be able to push engaging content on a weekly basis. Off course, that is easier said than done.

The good news is that there are a lot of tools that can help you stay active and enhance your social media presence. Today, we are going to take a look at 6 different browser extensions that can help you grow and manage your social media profiles.

A post is almost always incomplete without a link. After all, most social media posts on Facebook and Twitter are just previews that lead you to a bigger piece of content.

With that in mind, it’s easy to understand how important it is that the link you post works -and Bitly is here to help. It allows you to post links with ease and ensure they work across different social media platforms.

While Bitly started out as simple link shortener, it has evolved since then. Now it provides users with analytics to determine how these shortened links perform.

Get the extension here: Bitly Browser Extension

Keeping up with the analytics for your social profiles can be tough. But Social Analytics can make this mundane task a bit easier. It does that by giving you instant access to important metrics such as likes and shares your posts receive across different platforms.

You will have all the statistics in front of you once you click on the extension tab in your browser. For Facebook, it even displays the number of comments received.

Since you can compare statistics from every platforming one window, this makes it easier to keep track of all your social profiles without the need to open them separately.

Get the extension here: Social Analytics Extension

Social media posts that incorporate interesting or funny visuals tend to engage the audience much more than their text-only counterparts. The problem is that most users don’t have the time to create animated posts or custom visuals each time they want to share something.

This is where resources like Giphy bust in to save the day. The Giphy extension gives you quick access to thousands of GIFs from the Giphy library to choose from and help your message stand out.

Get the extension here: Giphy Browser Extension

When it comes to Twitter, you NEED to know how to use hashtags properly if you want to maximise the reach of your post. But who wants to waste time researching what is the best hashtags for each and every post?

To streamline this part of your social media management, you can use a tool like Ritetag. It analyses your post and suggests hashtags that you can use. It doesn’t stop there though; it also tracks the performance of the hashtags you decided to use and presents the metrics in an easy to understand format.

Get the extension here: Ritetag Browser Extension

Hootsuite Hootlet is a neat platform you can use to control all of your social profiles. It lets you schedule and post on different platforms at the same time. What makes it a little bit different from some other tools we already mentioned is its capability that help you manage and respond to comments.

If you do not have a lot of time to build your social media presence, a tool like this can help you automate and speed up different actions which helps you concentrate on more creative tasks.

Get the extension here: Hootsuite Hootlet Browser Extension

Tracking whenever someone mentioned you or your brand can be quite challenging. Mention makes this a breeze. You can enter the keywords/phrases you want to track, and Mention will notify you every time someone uses them. This gives you the opportunity to respond in time, don’t miss out on potential collaborations, give out timely “thank you”, and makes sure you spot time-sensitive information early so you can join the discussion while it is still relevant.

Get the extension here: Mention Browser Extension

And that is it. These six extensions can help you not only save time, but also improve how and what you post. If you want to take this a step further, you can often link these extensions with tools like DrumUp or Crowdfire for an even greater impact on your social media presence.

by Deana Kovač

Deana Kovač is an internet marketing specialist. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and singing karaoke. Also, her day just can’t start without a hot cup of coffee.


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