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Gus the Garden Dragon (Hardcover)

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Gus the Garden Dragon (Kindle Edition)

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Kindle for Kids

Kids Gus The Garden Dragon 6 Lemon

Based on the children’s storybook, this fun t-shirt will go over as a hit. A fairy named Opal shirks her responsibilities and is unable to provide garden seeds to a young gnome named Felix on planting day. Felix takes it upon himself to enter the dark garden without permission to retrieve the lost seeds. Though frightened, Opal feels she must follow Felix into the forbidden place. Plans go awry for the fairy and gnome when they encounter a dragon who lurks in the dark and mysterious overgrowth. Without a thought for Felix, Opal flees, leaving him to an unknown fate. Many lessons are learned when the fairies and gnomes confront Gus the dragon in an assumed rescue of Felix. What they learn about misconceptions and rumors is just one thing the reader will take away from this light and heartening story.
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